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Stories of Wisdom/Stories of Truth

Bringing History to Life

There's nothing like a story to stimulate the mind, the spirit, and the soul. Especially the stories of the ancestors. The stories of a people that were passed down by word of mouth. The stories that expressed the feelings and desire of a people.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to share the stories of my people. The stories range from first person portrayals of African American women and personal stories of growing up in the south, to stories from the church and my grandmother's lap. Sometimes the stories are full of joy; other times they express the anguish of a mother, wife, sister, etc. But through it all they celebrate life and what it means to be alive. 

I call my stories: Stories of Widsom, Stories of Truth. Those stories that pass on wisdom (such as those told in the church) and have a lesson to teach are the "Stories of Wisdom". Those stories that relay the history of my people are the "Stories of Truth".


Back to a time when most of the elders couldn't read. Imagine spending a day in church, the Pastor spread the word by story; since no one could read the bible. These stories were filled with wisdom. They spoke of how to live your life; how to treat people; what it meant to be a believer (among many other topics). These were the stories that stuck with you when you left church, and became a part of your very being.


The wisdom of the ancestors is shared, as I share the life-stories of the women in our past. Some were slaves, some were free. Some were educated; some were not. Some were written into the history of a people. Others are only known of because of the stories told by their families.

I travel throughout the Denver-Metro area sharing my stories with universities, public schools, libraries, community organizations.

A story can motivate, and confirm that there is nothing in life that is "impossible".

A good story is food for the soul! So come join me and have a bite to eat.