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Stories of Wisdom/Stories of Truth

Bringing History to Life


Cassandra Sewell, a storyteller, began storytelling in the public school system in 1991. She has been invited to speak throughout the Denver Metro area, not only at schools, but also churches, universities, libraries, companies and other organizations. She has hosted a radio broadcast, "Reflections on Our Heritage", on Denver's KLDC AM radio.

Cassandra specializes in stories that portray the past, present and future of the African-American. Her stories range from the historical portrayals of African-American women, to the stories handed down to her by her ancestors in rural Mississippi, to the personal experiences shared by her and other persons of minority heritage.

In addition to storytelling, Cassandra works full time as an engineer and has taught at MetroState University of Denver and University of Colorado at Denver. She is the mother of three adult children and currently resides in Broomfield CO with her husband.


"This workshop opens your eyes. I promise you'll come out of this workshop a different person." - - Cherry Creek Diversity Conference, January 2016

"Cassandra was one of the most moving speakers I have ever seen. I will never forget her presentation!" - - Cherry Creek Diversity Conference, January 2016

"Cassandra Sewell has an amazing gift. This has been one of the most powerful presentations I have ever seen. Such a powerful messages. And an impactful way of telling it." -- Cherry Creek Diversity Conference, January, 2016

"Thank you for being a part of this year's RYLA!

Conferees and counselors alike always look forward to hearing your talk on Thursday afternoon. As we wind down RYLA, it is the perfect combination of entertainment and message of personal leadership and understanding to leave a lasting impression on the kids. I hope we will see you again next year." - - 2012 RYLA Chairperson, July, 2012

" It was such a pleasure to hear you speak on Leadership last night. That was one of the finest talks on Leadership and what it means to be a Leader that I have heard in quite some time. I would guess that many students absorbed the wisdom you passed on, as well as a few of us adults who could always use a reminder." - - Conifer High School, April 2011

"Strong and thought provoking. Cassandra is an excellent storyteller" - - Cherry Creek Diversity Conference, January, 2010

". . . But it was Cassandra Sewell, a forty-two-year-old electrical engineer from Denver, who stole the show on more than one occasion. She was compelling enough as Harriet Tubman and Maya Angelou. But it was when she told of her grandmother, the trials she faced as an African American in her native Mississippi and the lessons of love that reached beyond survival to inspire a love powerful enough to transform hate, that Cassandra received a well-deserved standing ovation. Look for her one day at Jonesborough. She’ll be the willowy six-foot woman sporting high-heels and speaking in a black velvety voice." - - Max Hale, Healing Story Alliance, Fall, 2002

STORIES (Sample Listing) 

  • Just One - Two women cross the color lines: one black, one white to change the destiny of a family in 1958 Mississippi
  • The Unknown Heroes - story of a grandmother's attempt to teach her granddaughter Love when confronted with hatred
  • Tale of Two Brothers - a story of the choices we make and how they affect us for a lifetime
  • The Wife of Solomon Northrop - A free man kidnapped and sold into slavery
  • Just Another N**g**r - the meaning of the N-word
  • The Three Parts of the Civil Rights Movement - Who and what made up the civil rights movement
  • Mommie, Why Do You Believe in God? - what is a mom to say, when her daughter asks her this question.
  • The Lizards - the story of a father's neverending love for his daughter
  • When I grow up I want to be like Daddy - its not what you say; but what you do
  • A Deck of Cards and the Bible - why does one remind you of the other
  • Come On In The Room - Old gospel song about a Grandmother and her need for a closet
  • Harriet Tubman                                        Rosa Parks
  • Sojourner Truth                                        Ida B Wells
  • Maya Angelou                                         Wilma Rudolph
  • Madame CJ Walker                                 Mahalia Jackson
  • Harriet Jacobson
  • . . . . Plus many others . . . .